There are numerous things that should be planned when it comes to website designing. Over the years, we have seen, how things changed for website designing. In this article, we will touch 12 different points that will definitely work for website designers and developers. Our steps are well planned and useful for people who are looking to get into this sect.

  • Planning is important: this is the first stage where brainstorming is required. Analyze competitive websites and select the one that sooth you maximum.
  • Remove obstacle elements in connectivity with the website. stocky images, animation and unnecessary text will be always hurdle between user and website.
  • Social media links must be put on website. This is better way to connect with website as it offers direct communication with the webmaster.
  • Call to action is extremely important so this thing should be always checked.
  • Image and video selection should be perfect in all respect.
  • Navigation part should be well managed inside the website.
  • Easy to scroll website is loved by all.
  • White space is considered an integral part of the website. You should select the mid way, neither it should be very highly stuffed that every corner nor plenty of spaces everywhere.
  • Responsiveness should be always preferred because almost 70 percent traffic comes from mobile surfing.
  • Testing should be done after every change in website. This is continues process to be implemented with the website.
  • Search engine optimization is also essential for website to be found on the Google and other search engines.

We will keep writing about website design and development. Bangalore is considered the education and technology hub of the entire India. Ask our experts to know more about services, we offer.