Impact of web technologies going high in year 2018. Nowadays, we are dependent on web for various daily activities like shopping, Banking, various services, entertainment etc. Because of demand, there will be always need for betterment of web based technologies. We did research and brought list of technologies that will be on high in the new year of 2018.

List is as below:

  • Artificial intelligence: this is currently used at lesser magnitude but its usage will go high in the New Year. If you check then all leading players of technology like Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc then they all have their AI program.
  • Virtual Reality: this technology is currently mainly used for gaming applications but in future, it can be used for various other sectors.
  • Internet of things can become more effective in the year 2018.
  • RAILS 6 can come in market. 2016 had witnessed release of RAILS 5 in the month of June 2016.Some features to be included in RAILS 6 are Turbo Links, Action cable and new API.
  • Angular new version: Google will bring new version of front end JavaScript based designing tool.
  • Yarn package manager can also the trick in this year.
  • Some more static website generator tools can come in market.
  • New Web designing tools can come in market that will work on voice command basis.

Overall, this is going to be the time when web development and designing technologies will go completely for new age technology. Websites will become more interactive while process of development will become quite easy.