Some Basic HTML Tags with Examples for Web Designers

Hi All, who want to be a website designer. We have some basic tags with examples so that you can also learn and execute them for your HTML page.

All HTML documents to start with <!DOCTYPE html>

HTML document to start with <html> and ends with </html>

All visible content for website users are to be put inside <body> </body>

Here comes an example:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<h1>Here comes your first part of content</h1>

<p>You can put text, image, video anything as per your convenience over here</p>



How to Make HTML Heading?

There are six different tags assigned for heading from h1 to h6. H1 will make text size maximum while H6 will make it minimum.

<h1>this is the website from Bangalore to learn web designing</h1>

<h2>Bangalore has elected new CM Kumaraswamy</h2>

These are two different sentences. Font size of first one will be much bigger than the second one.


How to Make Paragraphs in the HTML?

We can’t imagine any text content without paragraph. HTML paragraph is also like any other paragraph of textual content. It starts with <p> and ends with </p>. This is how it operates.

<p>I am elder son of Basavanna</p>

Usually heading tags come before paragraph.

How to insert HTML Links?

Anchor text tag is being used for the linking to other documents in website.

<a href=””>This is the address of link where you will land after clicking.</a>

HREF means hyper text reference.

How to insert and manage image using HTML tags?

This is done using <img> tag and some attributes like src, alt, width and height. I will give one sentence that will give complete picture of what is to be expected through <img> tag.

<img src=”myimage.jpg” alt=”image is here” width=”100” height=”50”>


How to Use Buttons in HTML?

Tag used is <button>

<button>click here for more</button>


How to use HTML list?

<ul> this is the tag used for the unordered listing. There is one more tag <ol> this is used for the ordered list.


<li>This is JP Nagar Bangalore</li>

<li>All web designers should learn from here</li>

<li>Our steps are quite easy to learn for everyone</li>



Here we have explained some basic tags of the HTML like paragraph, title, heading, list, button etc. These tags and their attributes eventually make final page of HTML websites.