Website designing seems to be a luxurious job where decent salary is offered along with numerous other facilities. It is all about playing with some codes written in the HTML and CSS. Here we will discuss about some important aspects concerned with the whole process.


  1. First step is to get clear about the basics of website design. Never think that this is all about coding, it needs creativity also because eventually it is all about making an easy to use product. In today’s education system, there is no exact degree or diploma that can be considered perfect for website designing or development. As a designer, you need to be educated for graphics as well as programming parts. Dreamweaver is a designing tool used by website designers so you should download it and get familiar with this one. Three important technologies, you need to master are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  2. Having certification of website designing will definitely help: if you have enough knowledge to deal with challenges of website creation then there is no requirement for any such thing at all. In case, you want to have a job then this certification will definitely help. A lot enters this field but only few ends with success because this is a challenging job. There are numerous associated things, knowledge of which will give you extra edge like networking, animation, multi-media designs etc. If taught properly, anyone with good intelligence can grab technical programming language.
  3. Have formal language concept clear: HTML and CSS are mostly like English statement. There are hundreds of tags that are inside these languages. AJAX, PHP, ASP can be also learnt for better understanding of things. Some elements of website should be always checked namely consistent design, proper layout, color contrast, UI/UX etc.
  4. Branding & Reputation are Important: eventually websites are meant for commercialization. Website should be able to reach maximum possible people. Online reputation is primarily done by the internet marketing experts. You would have heard about the SEO or SEM. Website design should be planned in a way that it should help in the branding.

Nowadays entire system of website designing changed. Rarely any web designer works from the scratch, it is generally started from the customization of existing template of the website. Mostly editing can be done by anyone who is good in the HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

We have tried to elaborate, how you can start career in the field of website designing and development. eORB will keep educating people about designing and related niches.