I am not aware about the website technology; I only use websites for various requirements. Question is, how I can judge a website? We have elaborated here all possible elements that make a website better over others. Nowadays there are numerous tools that work automatically for website building. Website designing is just a matter of drop and drag with platforms like WIX and plugins like Visual composer. Website design and look are important but equally important is how website works?

A website can be judged on numerous accounts but there are few that are extremely important. We will put focus on some prominent web elements. Go through points below and grab valuable information.

5 Ways to Judge Your Website’s Potential:

  • Web Functioning: Reaching destination is important but how you reach is also important? Website functionality is important, it should be smooth else bounce rate will go high. No broken links, good response time, fast page loading, responsiveness, placement of elements should be monitored.
  • Usability factor: this is mainly concerned with how website interacts with user. This is mainly about website design. Website should be good both at desktop and mobile.
  • Content: In the world wide web, content is considered as king because this is directly for the user. Whoever comes to website have something in their mind like they want answer of any question or want any service or product.
  • Design: website design is not all about colors. It should reflect right theme of website. Suppose a user has come to learn about chemistry and he sees sharp red color in website then what will be his reaction?
  • Optimization for Google and User: Suppose you created a website and nobody knows about this, what will be usage of such a website? Website should be optimized for Google. Elements like title, meta, content, internal links and external links should be as per Google’s guidelines.

Now it should be clear, what makes a perfect website and how one can identify. Website is all about its elements so consider this thing carefully.