3 Ways to Select HTML Colors


There are some predefined color names like RGB, HEX, HSL, RGBA etc.

How to assign Background color in HTML elements?

<h1 style=”background-color:DodgerBlue;”>Web designer note this point.</h1>

You can select color as per your requirements.

Above we have seen, how background was set to color. We can also do same with text color.

<h1 style=”color:Tomato;”>This is the way to assign text color.</h1>

Like background and text color, we can also make colorful borders using HTML code.

Example: <h1 style=”border:3px solid Tomato;”>How to Select Website Design Company</h1>

This is a H1 tag that we have give border. More the value of pixels for border, thicker it will be.

In HTML 5, there are numerous other options for coloring elements. If you open official website of HTML / PHP then there is many codes for colors that can be sleeted manually.