Here comes first part of the HTML for web designing learners. First of all, you need to have editor of HTML. Some popular options for editing are as below:

  1. Notepad++
  2. Dreamweaver
  3. Aptana Studio 3
  4. BlueGriffon

If all these are not available, the Notepad can be also used that is free with Windows operating system.

Every HTML document starts with <!DOCTYPE html>. Some other common tags are as below:

  • <HTML> this is the root tag of all in the HTML.
  • <head> here only meta information will be placed that is actually intended for search engines.
  • <title> this will be title of document mainly for search engines.
  • <body> here is going to be visible elements of website that will be before users.
  • <h1> this is large heading of content inscribed in the body.
  • <p> this is the paragraph.

Each tag ends with forward slash like for <p> it will be </p>. Between opening and closing tags, there will be content. Web browsers are capable of reading all tags of HTML.

A HTML page works in following hierarchy:



<title>Learn Website Designing</title>



<h1>Hire Bangalore Website Designer</h1>

<p>We also offer graphic designing, brochure, logo in Bangalore</p>



File should be used using extension .html or .htm. Encoding should be UTF 8.