Website Development and Designing Bangalore


What is web development?

This is a broad term used for the various processes involved in the development of any website. In general meaning, we consider development as that part through which frontend interacts with the database of system. Nowadays various tools and technologies have come through which development is carried out.


What are job roles of web developer?

It is hard to answer this question exactly. Web developer can also play roles of web designer sometime. It is seen in small companies that same person does multiple roles like web designing, web development, internet marketing etc. Some common job roles are layout development, coding, database connection, primary testing etc.


How Web developer and web designers are different?

If we consider primarily then web designer is supposed to work on Photoshop, Illustrator etc. A design of layout comes that website is going to be of this type.  Development part deals with the coding that can be done through different languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Microsoft NET and many more. Real scenario is different, nowadays designers mostly know HTML and CSS because these are quite easy. Main complexity comes while handling database.


How I can design website, I don’t know HTML and CSS?

Without knowing HTML and CSS, this is not possible to design website. Start learning these two languages as these are quite easy. HTML is intended to place block elements on the web page while CSS is for giving style like color, format, alignment, size etc. Start learning, once you get confidence that you are in a position to edit things in website then download free template. There are numerous editors available and Notepad is also one option.


How web browsers can help in website development?

This is quite important to know that browsers are also one of the tools used for the web building. Through browser, we can’t actually change anything in website rather it works on preview basis. One can detect where any web element is placed and edit through browser will give to see, where exactly to edit. Right click when website is open and select INSPECT ELEMENT. This action will take to the desired place in website.


Is Bangalore, right city to hire Web designer?

Bangalore is known globally as IT city. This is the right place to hire professionals for website or mobile applications.