Google is the biggest player in the online world because it is getting maximum traffic and user. Huge business and information flow is related with this website. Every webmaster wants his/her website should come on the first page, but this is not always possible because of huge competition and strict rules of Google. In this article, we will tell you about some interesting things of Google and other search engines. Google has an official blog


Go through points below and grab some important information now:

  • Google Bomb: this is also known as Google Washing. In this, SEO expert optimize website for irrelevant keywords through back-links. This actually considered as spam and Google algorithm is designed to detect such things.
  • Google Panda: this is Google’s algorithm update in the year 2011 for improving search results. Low quality and thin websites were affected with this update of Google.
  • Google penguin: this is also Google algorithm update in April 2012. This update affected those websites that had plenty of back-links and violation of Google guidelines. After this update, ranking system had completely changed because there was space for those website that do not had plenty of back links.
  • GoogleWhack: this is actually a contest by Google where users have to find search terms that give no results.
  • HalalGoogling: this can be termed as Islamic version of Google where prohibited things of Islam are also prevented from indexing.

We have tried to put focus on some important parts of Google which are not known by all. This information will help people who want to enter internet marketing. For more information about Google SEO and indexing system, contact SEO experts of EORB at Bangalore.