Quotation and Citation about HTML Elements


These tags and attributes are used for styling textual content. We will discuss about numerous options with examples here.

<abbr> tag: this tag is used to make abbreviation.

<p>The <abbr title=”Bangalore”>Technology</abbr> is known globally.</p>


<address> tag: using this tag, we should address owner of website or any other type of location that we want to show on website.

Pentagon Towers, No. 11/3, Mosque Rd, Cleveland Town, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005

<bdo> tag: this tag is used for bi-directional override.

<bdo dir=”rtl”>here direction of content appearance will change</bdo>


<cite> tag: here project title will appear.

<p><cite>eORB </cite>known globally for logo designing</p>


<blockquote> tag: this is used when we use information from external source.

<blockquote cite=”http://eorb.in”>
In entire Bangalore, there is only one renowned company for website design and development. This company is also in Brochure, Flyer, Logo designing.


With every HTML update, there is addition and deletion of tags and attributes. Web designers should always check what is new in the bag of hyper text markup language. If you want more information about website designing then keep reading our articles, if you have any unsolved question regarding HTML, mail us directly and we will answer that. We are also bringing some videos that will further help learners. In future, we will bring tutorials of WordPress, PHP, CSS etc.