eORB is a renowned company for website designing, development and SEO services in Bangalore. Over the last few years, we have completed hundreds of projects successfully. We have added this page in the website for ease of our clients.

Question: How much time needed to design a static website of few pages?

Answer: We need only few hours for a thin website. In case, you have urgent requirement, mention it and get website as soon as possible.

Question: eORB is into mobile app development or not?

Answer: Yes, we do mobile app designing and development. We are doing apps of Android, iOS and Windows. Probably, we are only company in Bangalore that does mobile apps for all major platforms.

Question: Is SEO rank guaranteed with eORB?

Answer: Probably, nobody can guarantee rank on Google. Surge in rank is guaranteed but exact rank can’t be predicted in advance. We have worked for many businesses to raise their rank on Google and other search engines.
Question: what about website hosting services?

Answer: We are not directly a web hosting company but if needed, we will get it arranged for our clients at affordable cost. We have managed shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers at reliable servers.

Question: what about software and website testing service?

Answer: All our products are delivered after testing. Website and mobile app testing are not big deal for small websites. This is mainly required when there are regular updates in website. We have already offered one year free maintenance.

Question: what about cost of web designing, development and SEO?

Answer: we are affordable company and cost will be as per volume of work required for completion of that project. Our cost will be as low as freelancers.

Question: What about technical support and customer support for clients?

Answer: we have both types of support services primarily available as per India’s timing. If there is any client from any other time zone then we will be available as per client’s convenience.

Question: What about reporting system of the process?

Answer: it is as per project and requirement by clients. We can report daily, weekly and monthly. Frequency will be finalized after checking type of project and intensity of work required.

Question: What about graphic and brochure deigning?

Answer: we do brochure, flyer, logo and all types of graphics. eORB had started with graphics but later we expanded to websites and mobile apps.

Question: what is the way to contact experts?

Answer: contact details will be shared of manager, once project is finalized. Our general contact number is displayed on website so one can check from

Question: Why eORB for Web Design and SEO?

Answer: We are offering complete package for online solution. If you are new online then we will develop your website and mobile apps. Online marketing will be also done by our team. Overall, we are complete company that can offer all types of services related with web.

Question: What is address of eORB in Bangalore city?

Answer: Pentagon Towers, No. 11/3, Mosque Rd, Cleveland Town, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005