5 Questions, You Should Ask Before Hiring Web Developer


If you are looking to hire any website developer and not aware about various aspects of web technologies then we have set of questions that you must ask your developer.


  1. Ask about portfolio of company or individual: this is to be noted that portfolio represents potential of professional. You should carefully check which websites your developer has earlier worked on. If you like those designs and entire setup then go for that.
  2. Understanding Requirements: client should try to convey his needs properly to the developer. If there is any barrier in understanding between client and web developer then it should be first addressed. It is always suggested that requirements should be drafted in written form.
  3. Deadline: this is extremely important to meet deadlines. If your web developer does not understand exact requirement then it can become difficult to attain deadline.
  4. What is cost of basic web design? It depends from website to website. Over years, we have seen steep fall in web design service cost. Nowadays numerous readymade platforms for web development has also emerged, one need to do little customization only. A website can be prepared for as low as 2K and it can be very high depending on number of pages.
  5. Quality Analysis: this is the testing phase that comes after web design or development. In this phase compatibility of website is checked with different operating system, browsers, hardware etc.

These were some tips that you need to implement for your website, if you are going to hire any website maker.