HTML Attribute for Website Designing


Attribute are like children for tags. Numerous functionalities come under main tag through attributes. All tags do not have attributes while some have numerous. Attributes come under name = “value” structure.

Let me give one example for further clarification.

Example 1: <a href=””>This is link to a Bangalore based Website Design Company</a>

In this example, we have used HREF that actually means hyper text reference.


Example 2: <img src=”web-design.jpg”>

Here we have used SRC that actually means source. We have also designed path, image is in the root folder without any sub folder and name is also given. This is how, image source is being retrieved.


Example 3: <img src=”web-developer.jpg” width=”300″ height=”400″>

Here same image source attributer is used but addition is width and height. You can assign width and height and browser will adjust as per command.


Example 4: <img src=”cambridge.jpg” alt=”web design company”>

Again same source tag is used but the only difference is alt tag. Here we are giving some information about the image. When you will hover over the image then this information will be displayed.


Example 5: <p style=”color:red”>I am freelancer web developer works at Pentagon Towers, No. 11/3, Mosque Rd, Cleveland Town, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005</p>

This is the attribute used for the coloring purpose. Colors can be further managed; in this case it is red. You can assign color as required by you.

Example 6: <html lang=”en-US”>

Through this tag, you can assign language to any HTML document. Here we have assigned English language of USA. We can also assign English language of UK or any other language that HTML recognizes. This tag generally comes in the <head> part.


Example 7: <p title=”I’m a tooltip”>

Here <p> is the tag while title tag inside is an attribute.

All attributes should be always used with quotes. In place of double quote, single quote will also work. We have tried to play with numerous possible attributes. For more attributes, Google search can help you.