Web Designers Learn about Formatting of Text


In previous chapter, we learned about styling, here scenario is different. We have a list of attribute that are used for various functionalities. Check below for more information:

<b>: if text is surrounded by this tag then it will become bold.

Example: <b>I am a web designer from Bangalore</b>

<strong> : this is also bold but here messages goes that text is important.

Example: <strong>Web Designers from Koramangala are affordable</strong>

<mark> : text will be marked

Example: <h3>HTML <mark>Special</mark> Format System</h3>

<i> : text format will become italic.

Example: <i>We will come with italic format text.</i>

<em> : here we put emphasis on text.

Example: <em>JP Nagar Web Developers</em>

<small> : small text than other surrounding.

Example: <h2>Logo Design <small>Brochure</small>Flyer Design</h2>

<ins> : here we insert text in document.

Example: <p>My favorite <ins>website</ins> is designed by him.</p>

<sup> : this text is called superscript text.

Example: <p>This is <sup>eORB </sup> Company</p>