Are you looking to become a website designer? If this is the area of interest for you then we are ready to teach you best ways of website designing. We are putting things in the simplest possible way. Nowadays everything is coming in ready to use form so websites too. Web building is mainly done through customization nowadays so knowledge is essential. Two key things, we will be teaching you here are HTML and CSS. Entire course set up is divided into various parts systematically.

HTML defines, how a web page will look like? One can consider HTML tags as building blocks of website designing. Tags can be used for paragraph, title, table, content etc. Until, designer does not keep knowledge of all tags, it wouldn’t be possible to play with website components.


HTML stands for hyper text markup language. It is quite easy to learn as most of tags are like English statements. Before beginning course, we will elaborate some of the noteworthy points regarding HTML.


  • First release of HTML was in 1993 so it is now 25 years old.
  • With cascading style sheet and JavaScript, HTML makes trio that helps in website building.
  • File extension name is .htm or .html.
  • HTML 5.2 is the latest version that was released in December 2017.
  • Extended form of HTML is known as XHTML.

Some Important links regarding website designing HTML language are as below: