Web Design to Suit for Mobile Users

Website or mobile application is all about its popularity. If your website is not accepted widely then it is almost useless. Content is considered king in the world of promotions, while engagement is queen. If you are successfully able to engage people then successful wouldn’t be far.


  1. Images: you should go for low resolution images. An image of 2000*3000 wouldn’t work. This thing should be noted that if you upload high resolution images then it wouldn’t work. Nowadays nobody is going to wait for your website to load slowly.
  2. Selection of view port: this is important if you are eyeing your visitors from mobile and tablet. You would have seen in mobile view, elements do not get proper display. This is to be done by the developer so be careful.
  3. Work with Google AMP: this is a special feature by Google in which HTML code is bundled in one and pages load at very high speed. If you are running a WordPress website then it is not a tough job to get AMP working for you. A single plugin will get your work done.
  4. Pop Up Problem: if this sudden pop up come before you when you are on desktop then you can manage but on mobile phones it become very tough to manage this thing. Google also penalize websites that are using so many pop ups so be aware of these things.

I have given some tips regarding website designing and development, now it is up to you to implement and get something good out of these.